Friday, May 26, 2006

Reminder: The Pants | Higher Ground | Sat May 27th

Just a quick reminder that the social event of the season is tomorrow night...The Pants reunion show. I don't have tickets yet but am planning on going. Lat 44.2N says there are about 300 tickets left. So, I should be safe but if it sells out and you see a tall dorky guy outside begging for a miracle (Bring it Dead Style!) a buddy out.

I'll probably miss the opener but be there in time to see The Pants hit the stage. With all of the hype surrounding these guys, there is no way they'll live up to it. It's just too high for any band that hasn't played together in six years. But it should be a fun evening.

Casey has a bunch of tracks up on solidstate for you pre-show perusal.

Seven Days has articles on the show here and here.

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casey said...

That show was nigh-perfect.