Saturday, April 08, 2006

Want a Ticket to Clap Your Hands? | UPDATE

When Higher Ground announced Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was going to play in Burlington on Apr 11th, I was pretty damn excited. So, I immediately went out and grabbed a ticket. Flash forward two months and now I can't go.

Unfortunately, I have to be in Wheeling, WV for a 9am meeting on April 12th and there aren't any direct flights between Burlington and Pittsburgh. So, I need to fly in the night before. That means I can't see the Clap Your Hands show. It sucks and is depressing but I can't do anything about it. However, it makes me particularly happy that I caught them down in Northampton last summer.

So, if anyone wants my ticket, let me know and you can have it. No charge. I'd just be happy to know someone is using the ticket.

If you want the ticket, email me (jamkids (at) gmail (dot) com). You'll have to pick it up in Montpelier.

CYHSY | Details of the War (courtesy of Out The Other)
CYHSY | In This Home On Ice (courtesy of The Deli Magazine)
CYHSY | Cigarettes (demo)

UPDATE: As expected, I missed the show and had a crappy time in West Virginia. However, I was glad to hear that my ticket was used by one of The Jazz Guys. Since I'm a fan, I'm glad the ticket was well used.

According to Bobby Domino at Underpants Records, the sound was horrible. However, jds says the sound got better after a rough start. You can see jds' photos via a flickr slideshow here.

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bobby domino said...

hey brian,
if no one has jumped on this ticket.... i could easily help a friend out with it. let me know..
bobby domino