Sunday, April 23, 2006

VPR Community Forum

Guess who's been invited to be a member of the newly re-seated VPR Community Forum? Me.

That's right. Along with about 33 other Vermonters, I'll be giving my opinions to Vermont Public Radio on various programming issues for the next two years. There are only two meetings a year but each one runs for four hours. How many times do you think I can say "indie rock", KEXP and The Current in four hours?

Seriously, a few months ago, I saw an announcement on VPR's site about them accepting applications to become a member of the next community forum (it's entirely re-seated every two years). So, I sent in my application. On the application, I had to explain why I wanted to be a member of the forum. I clearly explained that I felt the endless hours of classical music programming skewed their demographics heavily towards the geriatric alzheimers clans and wanted to join the forum to express a younger view of the community's programming wishes. aka...more Art Brut. I never heard anything from them and as time passed, I had forgotten about it. Then this weekend, I received an email welcoming me to the advisory board.

Last August, I posted about encouraging VPR to add in a little indie rock into their programming since it wasn't represented on any other widely available VT radio stations. I'm not looking for a lot of programming dedicated to indie bands but a few hours a week would be nice and still leave plenty of time for classical. Plus, they can buy the programming from other public radio stations such as KEXP and The Current so they don't have to create it themselves.

So, the two things I'm going to push for are 1) some time dedicated to indie rock and 2) for VPR to pick up the Exposure program (a live showcase of local bands) from WRUV since I heard it'll be discontinued when WRUV moves to their new smaller studio. Obviously, I can't go into these meetings ranting and raving like a jerk or my pleas will be dismissed as the ramblings of a madman. So, I'll work them into the general discussion in an orderly manner.

Here's where everyone can help. Send VPR emails supporting the inclusion if indie rock in their programming. It's one thing for me to stand up at an advisory meeting and say that there is a market of younger listeners in Vermont that want to hear indie rock. It's even better though if they see emails from listeners supporting my point. So, with that in mind, please contact VPR and let them know. Polite, cordial and direct emails get the best results.

VPR's Contact Page


Jim said...


If VPR goes to a sometimes indie rock format, you should have them usher in the new stuff with Art Brut's "Modern Art."

Flatlander said...

Good call. M. Ward's "Radio Campaign" would be an appropriate opener also but I think Art Brut's "Brutness" is a better wake-up call.

Unfortunately, I think we're a long way from even getting to the point where there is any choice to be made.

jds said...

Great job!

nico said...

Congrats on the appointment.

I feel extremely lucky to have a good college radio station where I can get my fix of new stuff (rock/rap/etc) as well as a public radio station that kicks the crap out of anywhere I've lived previously.

Most of the public radio stations are about 70% classical with about 30% talk radio programming.

This one does some classical, but they have large portions of their air time devoted to bluegrass, blues and addition to the mostly worthless talk radio segments.

K. said...

Very cool Murph. Good to see you today. Hopefully we can do lunch again dining with you and JDS I need a blog talk outlet! Congrats on the VPR thing very cool.