Thursday, April 13, 2006

Calexico in Montpelier

On the plane the other day, I was flipping through Magnet when I nearly fell out of my seat in shock. I was reading the tour diary from Joey Burns during Calexico's east coast tour last December with Iron & Wine when Burns dropped this one on me:

December 8, Montreal

I love Canada. On the drive up, we got hit by a car on an icy Vermont highway; luckily, no one was hurt. We stop for soup and check out the damage in Montpelier.

WHAT?!?!? Calexico was in my tiny town eating soup and I missed them? Crap! Who sold them the soup? I'm guessing Coffee Corner or Capitol Grounds. Nini's Wrap Works, McGillicuddy's and Main Street all sell soup too but I can't see Calexico in any of those places. Regardless, it would have been hilarious to have bumped into them in town.

Did anyone see these guys walking around town?

The odd thing is that neither jds nor I recall there being a storm that day. I even went back and read my review of the show but I didn't make any reference to a storm that day (and I throw all sorts of minutia in my show reviews). But that three mile hill coming down I-89 from Berlin can be a pain-in-the-ass even on nice days. I'm glad everyone was OK and it didn't interfere with the show.

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nico said...

I read something similar several years ago in a Stephen Malkmus tour journal about them killing a few off days in Birmingham.

Just one of those things where you're like "How come I couldn't have bumped into them that day?" I remember reading they went to several places I frequented at the time.