Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Neil Cleary | Coming to Langdon Street | Apr 8th

One of the godfathers of the Burlington indie scene will be playing at Langdon Street Cafe on Saturday, Apr 10th. Neil Cleary will be making the trek down I-89 to knock out a collection of rock tunes; diverting from his alt-country recent past. Playing the part of his band will be Frank (drummer) and Herb (bass) of The Jazz Guys and Bill Mullins. So, it should be a pretty entertaining show.

Cleary spent the 90's playing in The Pants which I've never heard but constantly hear ravings about. It's almost bizarre. If you mention The Pants to anyone into indie music around here, folks start raving about them like they saw the Beatles at The Cavern Club. So, I'm particularly excited to hear Cleary's set on Saturday night.

Since The Pants split up, Cleary has played with other bands such as Essex Green and released some solo material. The material has been more folky and alt-country than the pop punk of The Pants. However, at Langdon St. on Saturday, his set will be more rock oriented. And with Herb and Frank along for the ride, it should be pretty entertaining.

Cleary is scheduled for 9:30ish and the folk group of Austin & Elliot will be kicking the night off at 8:00pm. For those of you in the NYC area, Cleary will be playing the Mercury Lounge the night before (Apr 7th).

By the way, The Pants will be playing a reunion show at Higher Ground on May 27th. I feel I need to see this show to understand the look in everyone's eyes when they start talking about The Pants.

Neil Cleary | That Girl's In Love
Neil Cleary | Good Feeling
Neil Cleary | I'm Not So Sure


jds said...

As long as I can deal with the mother in law I'm there, dude. Assume you'll just make it for Cleary's set?

Flatlander said...

Exactly. It's a friend's birhday on Saturday so his wife is throwing a BBQ for him. But kids are welcome so we'll have to come back around 8pm to put the kids to sleep. Then I'll head down around 9:30.