Thursday, April 13, 2006

Help the Frost Heaves Pick a Coach | UPDATE

When Alexander Wolff announced the creation of the ABA's Vermont Frost Heaves, he promised that the fans would have chances to make decisions for the franchise. Basically, we could all have a say in the GM's role.

Well, the first opportunity to vote on something significant has arrived. Wolff is going to let the fans choose the head coach of the Frost Heaves (who start playing games in November).

Wolff has interviewed several candidates and narrowed the list. Now, it'll be our chance to vote. In order to be eligible to vote, you have to register with the club by Monday, Apr. 10th @ 3pm. You register by joining the Bump In the Road Club (free; you also get Wolff's press releases emailed to you). You'll then receive an email introducing each of the candidates and instructions on how to vote.

This is campy and dorky but also a lot of fun. It's a good way to get a community involved in the team. And quite frankly, whether this team survives or not has less to do with how good they are and more to do with how much they are a part of the community. So, it's a good move by Wolff.

UPDATE: We have a coach! Will Voigt will be the Frost Heaves first head coach. He recieved 65% of the 739 votes which seems like a landslide. Since I can't imagine that many people knew of either of the candidates and their resumes were very similar, it looks like voters gravitated towards the local guy.

Voight is currently coaching in that basketball hotbed...Norway. However, a dozen years ago, he graduated from Cabot High School. It'll certainly add to the community feeling of the club.

I actually voted for the other guy but that was only because I had missed this key piece of information about Voight...according to Alexander Wolff, "As for Will, my SI colleague Grant Wahl ran into him a couple of years ago at a big man’s camp in the Nigerian upcountry". Whoa! A friend of Grant Wahl's is a friend of mine. Wahl is a super-duper kick-ass soccer journalist. So, if this guy knows Grant Wahl, he's A-OK by me.

So, what will we get to vote on next?

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