Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vermont Frost Heaves | Montpelier Practice | UPDATE | ANOTHER UPDATE

Quick note before I go to West Virginia for a few days, the Vermont Frost Heaves will be practicing in Montpelier High School gym on Thursday, Oct. 26th from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. The practice will be open to the public. Then after the practice, the team is going to be at McGillicuddy's in Montpelier for a meet-and-greet with anyone who wants to go.

I don't have any interest in meeting the players but it would be fun to watch them practice for a while; particularly when its only about a half-mile from my house. It'll be something fun to do with my son.

By the way, the Frost Heaves season starts Nov. 16th in Barre against the Quebec City Kebekwa. Their first game in Burlington will be two days later on Nov. 18th against the Buffalo Silverbacks

UPDATE: While I was writing this post, I sent an email to the Frost Heaves asking them if the games are going to loud. My kids get scared by loud noises and we've wasted quite a few bucks on sporting events and circuses that we had to leave as soon as they started because it was too loud for our kids.

Well, major props to Frost Heaves owner, Alexander Wolff. The guy responded to my email within a half-hour of me sending it at 11:19pm on a Sunday night. That's impressive. However, the coolest part was his response. He could have just sent back a form letter or P.R. statement talking about the schedule and excitement surrounding the games. But he didn't. He sent this incredibly honest email:

Brian, thanks a lot for asking. (As the parent of 5 and 3 year olds, I've been--I AM--there.)
Fair warning, Opening Night in Barre the Times-Argus is giving out several hundred cowbells to fans to make a racket. I'd keep my kids safely at home for that one. Otherwise, we'll pipe some music in over the p.a., and while I don't imagine it will be ear-splitting, I know from experience how sensitive little ears can be.
We're very grateful for your interest and support.
Alex Wolff
Another great example of how community-oriented life is in Vermont.

I guess we'll have to get a babysitter for the opener. It should be fun.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The meet-and-greet with the players after the practice on Thursday has been moved from Mulligans in Barre to McGillicuddy's in Montpelier.

On Saturday, Oct 28th, the team is going to march in the Halloween Parade in Barre and then do a meet-and-greet at Sean & Nora's in Barre.


Anonymous said...

tell your kids to man up loud noises are apart of life.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks for the update on the Frost Heaves Schedule. We may try and make the practice as well. Sounds like something interesting to do with JT this Thursday. Also enjoyed the Art Brut concert Update. Glad to see you are back in the Blog business! How about those Mountaineers. Enjoy the dog track.

VT Green

k. said...

melissa and i would be down to head to this as well. let me know if you want to do some car pooling. that was me above just trying to get a rise out of yah. you should get down on some domain forwarding now that you and JDS have joined forces! email me if you want some help with that.

jds said...

Single tix now available. Is it safe to assume you guys are going for the 9 dollar unreserved bleachers instead of the 13 dollar reserved ones with seatbacks? Any interest in getting a posse together?

k. said...

dude i roll high. get me in that reserved section!

k. said...

actually im being an idiot melissa and i both wanted to go dont care where we sit.