Friday, October 20, 2006

Changes at False 45th

As some of you may have noticed, JDS of Latitude 44.2N fame is now listed as a contributor to False 45th. We've basically decided to merge our blogs since:

  • We are largely writing on the same and Vermont.
  • We are often at the same shows and linking to each other's reviews.
  • We've both been getting hammered at work which has cut down on our time available for blogging. So, we can now combine our inactivity with the hopes that it'll appear we are more active than we actually are.
If this doesn't solve our inactivity problems, we'll add in more contributors until we have a fully functioning blog again. I'm not sure when JDS will shut down Lat 44.2N but based upon his double post on Weird Al tonight, he seems to have had a burst of energy. But I'm sure he'll post some thoughts on Lat 44.2N here soon.

By the way, I believe you'll be able to tell who wrote each post by the name at the bottom of the post. You should also be able to tell because my posts will be the ones with the plethora of sentences that start with conjuctions and adverbs; plus a healthy dose of idioms.

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