Sunday, October 22, 2006

Todd Barry Coming to Higher Ground | Jan 20th

Higher Ground doesn't have many indie rock shows on its calendar right now but it does have the favorite comedian of the indie rock world, Todd Barry, scheduled for two shows on January 20th.

I've never seen Barry live but I love his 2005 album Medium Energy and any comedian that is invited to play drums for Yo La Tengo is fine with me. The guy even dressed up in Peter Criss makeup for the show at Maxwell's.

The reason he's so popular with music fans are his jokes about the music scene. Whether it's mocking the Grammy's, Fugazi or Eagles ticket prices, the guy is hilarious. His deadpan delivery can irritate some people but I like it in contrast to the over-the-top annoying energy that most comedians perform with these days.

By the way, Medium Energy, is one of those rare albums that costs less via iTunes than emusic. The album is 55 tracks. So, that's $13.75 on emusic while iTunes has it at $9.90.

Todd Barry | Behind the Music | Buy
Todd Barry | Band with Orchestra | Buy
Todd Barry | Fugazi | Buy


Anonymous said...

Yawn. I hope he's got better material than this.


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, I do remember him being pretty funny on one of the Comedy Central roasts. So I'll try out some of his other stuff.