Thursday, October 19, 2006

Art Brut | Spinto Band | We Are Scientists | La Tulipe | Oct 15th | Update

Show of the Year. I'm stopping the judging process two and a half months early. Nothing is going to top Sunday night's show. I've seen a lot of good shows this year but this one was a fantastic rock show in the truest form of "rock show".

I don't have time right now to write a full post. However, I went to the show with Kingdom for a Voice and he has a good review of the show up on his blog.

I do have a few videos from the show though that I uploaded to YouTube. The show was very loud which overwhelmed the tiny mic on my Casio digital camera. So, the sound sucks but the images give you a great idea of the fun chaotic atmosphere at the show.

This is the video of Eddie Argos introducing Art Brut's "Good Weekend" with the crowd going nuts as they started playing.

This is the video of We Are Scietists bassist stripping down to his underwear for their last song since it was the last stop on the tour and he had been wearing the same clothes for a few weeks.

Finally, all three bands came on stage for a crazed and hilarious version of "Hotel California". I can't stand The Eagles but the irony of having Eddie Argos and his English accent sing this song was quite entertaining.

UPDATE: In the comments, Kingdom For a Voice mentioned the t-shirt I picked up at the show. It's a pretty arrogant shirt to wear but if you're an Art Brut fan, it's very funny too.

One other note about the merchandise. Art Brut and We Are Scientists recorded a split single tour-only 7" where they covered a song from each other's band. Well, according to the guy working the merch table, they had only printed 160 copies which sold out long before they got to Montreal. Thankfully, b.f. at extrawack! hooked me up with mp3 files of the two songs. Since the 7" sold out and is now out-of-print, here they are:

Art Brut | The Great Escape (We Are Scientists cover)
We Are Scientists | Bang Bang Rock and Roll (Art Brut cover)


Anonymous said...

You understand now why I had to slurp Art Brut so gratuitously when I did my review of them at the Pitchfork Festival. I definitely want to catch them again.

Incessantly jealous that you saw them at a venue like La Tulipe,


kingdomforavoice said...

Great show indeed, you didn't mention the funny shirt you bought, what did it say?

Hanan said...

could you possibly repost the mp3s? it would be greatly appreciated!

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