Saturday, October 21, 2006


Do you know that old adage..."Nothing goes better with autumn in Vermont than cross-dressing Swedish DJs"? Well, since its already mid-October, I thought I'd finally post about Koop, a pair of cross-dressing Swedish DJs.

Four years ago, I heard a review of Koop's 2002 album, Waltz for Koop, on NPR. It's one of those rare times when you hear a clip of music and immediately decide that you must get it. With its sultry vocals and jazzy electronic swing, it sounded so fresh, bright and fun to my indie rock strained ears. I think I ordered it from Buch Spieler and waited two weeks for it but it was well worth it. The great thing about the album is that its immediately accessible but four years later, I'm still enjoying it. There's just so much packed into its sound.

A year later Koop (their real names are Oscar Simonsson and Magnus Zingmark) released a disc of remixes called Waltz for Koop - Alternative Takes which also became one of my favorite discs. But then nothing for three years until earlier this month when they released Koop Islands.

Koop Islands has a similar general feel as Waltz for Koop except it has a bit of a Caribbean feel to it and there are more male vocalists on this album which makes it less sultry. However, with DJs, in the end, it all comes down to the beats and this album is as swinging and boppy as anything else they've done. It's too bad they didn't release it in May rather than October because it would have been a great summer album.

From Waltz for Koop:
Koop | Summer Sun | Buy

From Waltz for Koop - Alternative Takes:
Koop | Tonight (Nicola Conte New Jazz Version) | Buy

From Koop Islands:
Koop | The Moonbounce | Buy

Here's the video for "Summer Sun":

Here's the video for "Baby (D'Malicious Mix)" on Waltz for Koop - Alternative Takes:

Lastly, here's a video for "Come to Me" off the new album:


Anonymous said...

Actually, Koop Islands has only been released overseas so far. The US release date isn't until March. I heard it's a great album though! Glad to know someone else is a fan, too!

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