Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Decemberists Coming to Montreal | Metropolis | Nov 5th

Quick post for all the literary rockers out there. Everyone's favorite band of eggheads, The Decemberists, will be playing at Metropolis in Montreal on Nov 5th. I'll be heading north for the show with Bill Simmon of Candleblog, his wife and Kingdom for a Voice.

The new album hasn't blown me away yet but that could be partially related to the fact there has been an explosion of good new albums lately. It's been tough to find much time to listen to The Crane Wife. When I do listen to it, I like it but it hasn't made me swoon like their other albums have. Maybe it will as I spend more time with it leading up to the show.

Regardless though of the quality of the album, their show in Burlington last year was a blast. They are a fun band on stage and when they get down to playing music they have a stacked catalog of great songs to pull from. So, I think it'll be worth the trip even though we'll be missing those final crazy free-for-all debates that Sunday night before the election. It's always a hoot when they trot out all of the fringe parties and give them an equal voice with the big three parties.

By the way, for folks in the southern part of the state, The Decemberists will be playing a show on Halloween in Northampton, MA at the Calvin Theater. That should be a particularly entertaining show. However, Halloween is a kickass holiday with the kids. So, I'll wait for the Montreal show.

The Decemberists | The Crane Wife 3 | Buy
Colin Meloy | Sister I'm a Poet (Morrissey cover) | Buy

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