Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Songs for Eating and Drinking

Music, food, and fun. Those are the tenants of an exciting event recently taken place in a naval airplane hanger in Seattle. The project, entitled Songs for Eating and Drinking, is a collaboration between table guru Michael Hebb and photographer/director Chase Jarvis. Here's a description of the concept and a video of the band Fences performing "We Wore Panthers on Our Hands":

get a bunch of insanely talented musicians together, and let them share songs, food, and drink. many a musical career starts with small audiences, impromptu performances, late night mutterings; and then the lucky end up on large stages and tucked deep inside recording studios - often vastly disconnected from those that love their music. our friends in the music industry have bellyached that industry folk hardly ever share food in a meaningful way – or rarely just get together and f’in chill. so we decided to create these evenings for our musician friends built around long tables, remarkable locations, sturdy drinking food, and bottles of wine and whiskey – with the hope that throughout each night songs would rise up from the table...

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baseballpajamas said...

At the risk of sounding like a Bitter Old Man (which may or may not be accurate), this is exactly the kind of thing that drove me from Seattle after 20 years of relative happiness--the candelabra-in-the-aircraft-hangar event that seems kind of cool at first glance but really amounts to elitist baloney designed for software millionaires.

But have a great day!