Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coming Soon: New Live Bonnie Prince Billy

October 10th marks the Domino Records release of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's third live album, entitled Is It The Sea? The thirteen tracks were recorded at various locations during his Spring 2006 tour, including Scotland, Ireland and Newcastle. Will Oldham was joined by Edinburgh's Harem Scarem on harmonies, fiddle, flute, banjo and accordion, as well as Glasgow's Alex Neilson on drums and percussion.

I was blown away by the Superwolf (Oldham and Matt Sweeney) show I witnessed at Higher Ground in 2005 (along with 30 other people). The greatest thing about the show was how different the tracks were presented then the album. The songs had been restructured and were much fuller and interesting - it was as if the album was the blueprint and the performance was the full structure. That same richness is found on this new album. I've spent many hours pouring over Will Oldham's body of work, but I've never been swept away like I am while listening to these strangely familiar ballads.

Will Oldham | Birch Ballad

Will Oldham | Love Comes to Me

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bg said...

saw the same Superwolf with only knowing a little bit about Will Oldham and a bit of exposure to Matt Sweeney via Chavez. Wasn't sure what to expect but just keep reading that Will Oldham was just great live. So, as most of my favorite live music experiences are, I had no expectations and was just totally blown away. Definitely one of my favorite shows of that year...