Monday, February 11, 2008

Yo La Tengo | Maxwells | Dec 6, 2007

I know I've been posting a lot of boots and particularly Yo La Tengo bootlegs lately but I've been fortunate to have friends who have shared some high quality boots with me. This one is no exception.

This show is the third night of YLT's eight night run at Maxwells during Hanukkah to raise money for various charities. The charity for this night was Day One.

Here's why the show is worth posting: besides a fine setlist with lots of covers and special guests mixed in, the sound quality of this recording is as good as a professionally released live album. It's actually a matrix of two audience recordings and a soundboard recording. So, you get the clarity of the soundboard with the better mix and overall atmosphere of the audience recordings. It's great and a treat for any YLT fan.

You can read a review of the show over on extrawack.

Yo La Tengo | Intro

Yo La Tengo | Nuclear War (Sun Ra cover)

Yo La Tengo | Five Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)

Yo La Tengo | The Race is On Again

Yo La Tengo | Autumn Sweater

Yo La Tengo | The Weakest Part

Yo La Tengo | Mr. Tough

Yo La Tengo | Banter #1

Yo La Tengo | No Water (with Chris Stamey on guitar)

Yo La Tengo | I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan cover)

Yo La Tengo | Cast a Shadow (Beat Happening cover)

Yo La Tengo | Don't Have to be So Sad

Yo La Tengo | Tom Courtenay

Yo La Tengo | Styles of the Times

Yo La Tengo | Watch Out for Me, Ronnie

Yo La Tengo | I Heard You Looking

Yo La Tengo | Banter - Encore Break

Yo La Tengo | Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds cover)

Yo La Tengo | Banter #2

Yo La Tengo | The Question (with Will Rigby)

Yo La Tengo | Banter #3

Yo La Tengo | Solitary Man (with Jim James) (Neil Diamond cover)

Yo La Tengo | Secret Agent Man (with Jim James) (Johnny Rivers cover)

Yo La Tengo | Hard Luck Woman (with Jim James) (Kiss cover)

YLT's website still has some kids size shirts from the show available. I need to order one for my son. He'd look great rocking this shirt in kindergarten.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Just FYI, disk 1, track 10 appears to be missing (track numbers skip from 9 "No Water" to 11 "I Wanna Be Your Lover."

Flatlander said...

The missing track is just a quiet break between songs. There isn't any banter. So, I chose to not post it.

Anonymous said...

Have you posted (or heard) their live cover of Like a Rolling Stone? Conor Oberst takes lead vocals and it's freaking electric.

Bob F. said...

Wow, that's fact it sounds better than when I heard it live with my noise-limiting earplugs in!


Anonymous said...

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