Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Smittens or Let's Whisper??? | UPDATE

UPDATE: It's official. I've heard from the band. It'll be Let's Whisper.

Also, The Phoenix in Boston recently had this nifty article on The Smittens.


Someone is playing at Langdon Street Cafe on Thursday and it's either The Smittens or Let's Whisper; but I'm not sure.

The Smittens were originally scheduled to play and the band's website is still listing the date. However, Langdon Street Cafe's website is now saying that Let's Whisper will be playing in their spot; so does Let's Whisper's myspace page.

Here's the deal...Let's Whisper is a duo of Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan from The Smittens. So, my guess is that The Smittens originally booked the gig but some of the band members couldn't make it. So, Dana and Colin are filling the spot with their side project Let's Whisper; who sound a lot like a downtempo version of The Smittens. Then again, I'm talking out of my ass and really don't know who the hell is going to show up on Thursday.

Regardless, the show is at 8pm and it should be fun.

Here's the other thing going on Thursday night. Obama's Vermont campaign will be opening their Montpelier office that night with a grand opening party at 7pm. Here are the details:

Office opening: Thursday at 7 pm, 41 Elm St., Second Floor. Bring friends, kids, supplies, food to share, and a cell phone because we'll all try to make some calls while everyone's there as well.

They are also looking for people to make phone calls and canvas neighborhoods on behalf of Obama. So, if you feel like helping out, stop by the new office and ask what you can do.

The office is located above That's Life Soup which is a half-block from The Langdon Street Cafe. So, you can go to the grand opening, sign up to volunteer, walk down the street to see the show at LSC and then head back to the office to make a few post-show phone calls.

Let's Whisper | Snowy Sunday Afternoon

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Rob said...

For those with politically aware children--or those willing to exploit their politically-unaware children for the Greater Good*--please note that there is a "Kids' Rally for Obama" on Sunday March 2nd at 2PM at L.A.C.E. in Barre. Be there or be square.

*These are among the moral dilemmas of parenthood.