Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We All Have Hooks for Hands

What comes from Sioux Falls, has 18 hands and a dumb fucking name?

We All Have Hooks for Hands

Two drummers, three guitars, two horn/keyboard players, a violinist and bass make up the nine-piece outfit from South Dakota. I've been wrecking my thumb over the last two weeks dialing my iPod down to the the "W's" to constantly pull up their 2007 debut LP The Pretender.

The album has the mucho instrumentation of Broken Social Scene but with a lo-fi fuzz-folk base reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel. Combining those sounds with a lead singer who belts the warbly off-pitched strained vocals (a la Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade), you have a familiar but enjoyable racket.

We All Have Hooks for Hands | Hold On, C'mon | Buy

We All Have Hooks for Hands | The Secret Life Of Dolls and Doldrums | Buy


Tyler M said...

Sorry for the threadjack here, but is Beach House seriously playing at the Monkey House? As in, that little bar on the roundabout in Winooski?

jds said...

Fo sers! I couldn't believe it meself. Considering it some sort of present, or something, because it makes so little sense that they caught such a wale. No digs on the Monkey, but sersy.