Wednesday, November 01, 2006

EZ Archive 3.0 Sucks

EZ Archive is the site I use to host the songs I share on this site. Well, in October they decided to switch from version 2.0 to version 3.0. 2.0 worked just fine and 3.0 doesn't appear to have any superior functionality. In fact, 3.0 is worse than 2.0. So, I have no idea why they decided to make this switch.

Three reasons why 3.0 sucks:

  1. The migration was a pain in the ass. I tried following the steps in the email they sent me but I screwed it up because they listed the promo code I was supposed to enter below the step that said, "Complete the account enrollment." So, I didn't know we were supposed to enter a special promo code and got stuck in an endless loop where they kept asking me for my credit card and what account I wanted to upgrade to. I guess I should have read the entire instructions first rather than reading one step then completing that step and then reading another step. But give me a break. This is supposed to be a part of a hobby and hobbies shouldn't be such a hassle.
  2. At first you couldn't link to the songs you had archived on their site. You could just listen to them while on their site. It shows a complete misunderstanding by the folks at EZ Archive about how their site is used.
  3. They finally changed the software and allowed users to create external links to the files but the "link creation process" is a much longer process than it was with 2.0. Plus, all of the info tags from iTunes are stripped from the file. So, when you download the file using the created link, you get a file with a name like cg14d78.mp3 without any attached info.
I complained to EZ Archive and they said they are trying to solve the problems. So, for the next few days, I won't have any tunes to share until they resolve the tags issue.

I know I could use YouSendIt but downloading files from YouSendIt is a bit of a hassle. So, I'm going to give EZ Archive a few days to resolve it before I switch to a different archival site.

Between this switch to 3.0 and the mess Blogger created when they shifted people over to Beta Blogger a few months ago, the net is sucking at customer service these days. Hopefully, YouTube won't pull any account migration crap anytime soon.


casey said...

I've been having a hell of a time with this new site. The "migration" was a pain in the ass, and when I create a link to my podcasts and place them in my blog, it doesn't work.


Flatlander said...

I'm giving them through the weekend to get it straightened out. If they can't get it right, then I'm switching to either FileDen or

Lamestain has been using since EZ started sucking and have been very happy with it. As the writer of Lamestain said "I recommend giving a shot while you wait for EZ Archive to resolve their problems. It seems to have been designed by people interested in offering archiving space rather than as a forum for flashmedia programmers to show off." That characterization of EZ is dead on.

Adam said...

I have a Business account with BOX.NET and I am having constant problems with their widget for workgroups. It just does not work as advertised and the BOX support really sucks.

From my experience, the BOX support team usually don't reply to emails (so I have to send it again and again) and when they finally reply, they provide solutions that don't work (usually its because they don't bother to read the emails and find out the source of the problem).

We end up going back and forth. There was one instance where I solved the problem for them. In fact, I had to teach the support staff how to use his own product!

It's been 2 months and the main problem has not been resolved. I paid USD 199 for something that does not work. Now they have resorted to ignoring my emails.

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