Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Christmas Story House | UPDATE

So, I'm leaving for Cleveland today for a meeting tomorrow morning from 9-12:30. However, my flight home is not until 6:30pm. So, what is a music fan to do in Cleveland when killing time? Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Hell, no!

I'm hoping to hit the Christmas Story House. If you haven't heard already, some folks have bought the house that was used in the classic holiday movie and restored it to the way it was in the movie. Leg lamp and all.

I love that movie and it sounds so's perfect. I hope they even have the Bumpuses' dogs running through the house. There is always the chance that my plans will change but if I get to visit the house, I'll certainly update this post.

UPDATE: Like so many things with my job these days, my meeting ran long. Rather than ending at 12:30, we didn't get done until 4pm. So, I'll have to wait for my next trip to Cleveland to check out The Christmas Story House.

However, I did come across this fine illustration of why I don't like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How do you go from the MC5 rocking the protests in Grants Park in 1968 to a friggin' kiosk in an airport selling nick-nacks? I saw this yesterday and got annoyed. I know the place houses lots of interesting artifacts but it also sucks a lot of the soul out of rock and the art form's rebellious culture. And that kiosk is the perfect example of what it's become.


Bob said...

Oh man I'm jealous. My wife and I have been trying to find the time to go see that house before the end of the year, but it ain't gonna happen.

We were also gonna hit the Rock Hall for the Clash exhibition:

Have a great trip. Don't shoot your eye out!

jds said...

This movie and Mel Books' Spaceballs made me a pseudo celebrity in my younger school years. I can never thank them enough. Can the family name be used positively in the next decade to help my kid out? I can only hope/lobby.

Chuck said...

Check out my report on the "Christmas Story House Opening Day"

Tmoore said...

sooo cool. take pictures!