Sunday, November 12, 2006

Best. Doughnuts. Ever.

If you like doughnuts (and who doesn't) and you are driving on Rt. 100 between Stowe and Waterbury, stop and grab a bunch of apple cider doughnuts at Cold Hollow Cider Mill. They're freakishly fantastic.

They are made with the apple paste used in the giant presses that squeeze out the cider. So, they taste like apple cider. Plus, they are made there, on the spot, all day long. So, they're super soft, fresh and warm.

One warning...Cold Hollow Cider Mill is a tourist trap of the nth degree. Kind of an annoying place. However, the doughnuts rock and are sold close to the door. So, you can get in and out before the hordes of knick-knack gathers make you feel worse about the world.


jds said...

It has been said that Cold Hollow is the second most visited tourist destination in VT. Of course B&J is #1.

I've had better doughnuts. Lakeside Farm in Ballston Lake, NY make the world's BEST apple cider doughnuts. Hands down. I was excited about Cold Hollow when I moved to the area (the hype was rediculous), but they aren't quite as good. They are good, don't get me wrong, but they aren't like the sugar apple cider ones at Lakeside.

CJY said...

Lakeside Farm invented the apple cider donut, enough said! They are the best ever.

Flatlander said...

OK. I'm sold. Now, where the hell is Ballston Lake, NY and do they deliver?

Tmoore said...

Oh yeah, i made that tourist stop this fall... me and two bus loads of Asians. I was gonna buy some apple butter, but they swarmed like locusts and alas all that remained were the apple cider donuts.

Me and Eva ate a dozen of them on the ride home, coupled w/ hot apple cider.

jbreitling said...

Mmmmmm... is this near Goshen at all? I head that way in December.