Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Black Keys | Majestic Theater | Madison WI | Nov 27th

False 45th's midwest correspondent, TK, caught the boys from Akron Monday night in badgerland and was excellent enough to send over this review. The Black Keys are touring in support of their new album Magic Potion.


Mon., Nov. 27
Majestic Theater
Madison, WI

Perhaps I can stop complaining for a little while.

I get frustrated that between my work schedule and the selection of artists that I can't catch more bands in Madison, which forces me to drive to Chicago or the Twin Citiies (or fly to places like Coachella and Sasquatch). I also get disappointed at times that despite my affection for rock and blues, both can easily become tired genres in the wrong hands.

Then The Black Keys come along and take care of all my bitching in one fell swoop.

The last time I was in the Majestic, a converted old theater, was when it played indie movies. Now it's gained a bit more notoriety in the Madison area due to the incessant number of fights involving the hip-hop crowd.

In some ways, I can see why because the redone Majestic is such a sardine can that it essentially facilitates bumping into someone. In this instance, it made for a nearly ideal setting - think Montreal's La Tulipe shrunk to a half or a third.

My only complaint about the venue is, oddly enough, about alcohol. When a show sells out, have more than three bartenders working so some of us (yeah, me) don't get caught back there for the first two songs of the show. Fortunately, the only bar is elevated and at the back so sightlines are pretty good everywhere (not so sure about the upstairs level).

After that, I was pretty happy. Concert bliss for me is a quality band at a reasonable price in a tiny venue where I can stand a mid-range jumper from the stage.

The sold-out crowd was cozy but not absurd. For me, it actually enhanced the sweat-soaked riffs and pounding coming off the stage.

My only regret is they didn't play longer. Highlights inclulded Strange Desire, Grown So Ugly and the first two tracks off of Magic Potion, Just Got To Be and Your Touch.

I felt 10 A.M. Automatic dragged a pinch but otherwise Auerbach and Carney were in top form. The Black Keys have drawn an adoring legion of fans including Radiohead and Robert Plant and after a show like this, it's easy to see why.

It was interesting reading a recent Onion piece where the Keys considered themselves rock and loathed being labeled as blues while ripping the Chicago goofball scene to shreds. If The Keys continue to rip through more sets like this, they'll continue to rightfully assume the high ground on that discourse.


The Black Keys | Your Touch | Buy

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