Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest | UPDATE

It's back. The Third Annual Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest.

The contest originally started as a promotion for Riverwalk Records and was held in the store on State Street. However, last year, it was moved to the Unitarian Church on Main St where it will be this year also.

Despite being a Dylan nutter, I missed both of the first two contests. However, I'm going to try to catch at least part of the show on Saturday night. The poster doesn't say what time it starts but I've sent an email to Patrick asking him about it. If I hear anything, I'll post an update.

UPDATE: From Patrick's email:

"The shows begins at 7 p.m., promptly. My guess is that is will run to 9 or 10: I have an astonishing 27 Dylan wannabes signed up, the most yet."

I won't be able to get down there until after my kids go to sleep around 8:30 but with 27 contestants, I think I'll get a fair share of Dylan Wannabes.

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yankunian said...

Great news. The second annual BDLAC commemorative T-shirt is one of my husband's most prized possessions, despite not being there for the actual event.