Monday, June 05, 2006

World Cup Lunch at McGillicuddy's

If this isn't a sign of the times, I don't know what is. The sports bar in town is now putting together special promotions surrounding the World Cup. As you can see, McGillicuddy's will be having a special lunch next Monday for the US vs Czech Republic match.

The weird thing is that it costs $10 for lunch to watch the game. That's weird because usually I can get out of McGillicuddy's for less than $10 for lunch. I guess you are paying a premium to watch the game there. Perhaps a portion of that money is going to support Capital Soccer.

Regardless, it's great to see enthusiasm for the World Cup around town. Hopefully, they'll do something for the other US games too. The Italy match will be a 3pm EST kickoff on the following Saturday and the Ghana match will be a 10am kickoff on the 22nd.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Positive Pie II will be installing a large screen TV over the bar for the tournament (although as of last Thursday, it hadn't been installed). That'll be a great place to grab a slice and watch the noon games. I'll probably be there on Friday for the Germany vs Costa Rica match and the others once I get back from Germany.

After a minor heart attack this evening when I couldn't find my passport (thank goodness my wife has her shit together much better than I do; she found it tucked nicely in a pile of papers next to the computer), I learned where we'll be sitting for the Czech match. We'll be in Block 5, Row 9. You can see the section on this map of the stadium. It's in the upper deck on the side and even with the goal line. We should have a great angle for watching the corner kick that Gooch slams in for the game winner.

Here's the one peculiar thing about our tickets. There is a discussion thread on BigSoccer where people list what section and row they are sitting in for this match. A few hundred US fans have posted the location of their tickets but not a single other person has said they are in Block 5. There isn't even a single person in any adjoining section.

Have we accidentally wound up in the Czech sections? Perhaps we're going to be surrounded by a bunch of rabid Czechs. That could make for a crazy scene. Does anyone know any good Czech slurs I can throw around in case we go down a goal?

I don't care. At least I'll be inside the stadium.

Air Miami | World Cup Fever
Bouncing Souls | Ole (Punk Version)
New Order | World in Motion (England's 1990 WC Theme Song)
Barcelona | Kasey Keller
Jorge Ben | Umbabarauma (song about how Pele is the point of the African spear)

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