Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mates of State

We have little kids and as a result of living with and caring for little kids, I can barely find the time each day to shower. That's why I think the husband and wife team that comprises Mates of States are a bunch of show-offs. They have a little kid too. However, they manage to put out cool music.

I can just imagine the scene...OK, honey, why don't you work on your vocals and organ pieces and I'll get the macaroni and cheese going. Then when you're done, I'll work on the drum fills while you get her pajamas out of the dryer and start running the bath.

As for their music, it's organs and drums with some doubled-up vocals which give the impression that there are more than two band members. Their song "Fraud In the 80's" has been rocking around the clock here since it arrived in my iTunes library via the KEXP Song of the Day podcast. The rest of the album, Bring It Back, hasn't grown on me as quickly or strongly but I'm still working it.

By the way, here's an article where they discuss what it like being rockers with a little kid.

Mates of State | Fraud in the 80's


K. said...

Is it me or do they look like the same person?

Flatlander said...

Same with the guys from Mando Diao. Check out the album cover of Bring 'Em In.