Thursday, June 08, 2006


Before I head out of here for a week of soccer love, I want to knock out a few posts on bands that I've been enjoying and had earlier uploaded tunes to my ezarchive account (but failed to get around to writing about).

The first one one is Destroyer. I don't understand why I'm drawn to "one-man bands" but I always find myself falling for them. Destroyer is just the latest.

Destroyer, from Vancouver, started out as Dan Bejar's one-man home recording project a decade ago. Since then, he's crank out a bunch of albums (when he's not playing guitar in The New Pornographers) and added other musicians to the band. However, it remains his distinct project.

In one interview, he called his sound "European blues". However, that may be the most pretentious description of a band's sound since "art rock". I'm going to go with lo-fi electric folk.

His latest album, Destroyer's Rubies, came out earlier this year. It's not an album that knocks you over from the first listen; particularly when that first track is nine friggin' minutes long. However, it's grown on me. It has a sprawling feel to it that gives you lots of sonic nooks and cranies to fall in love with. I particularly like "3000 Flowers" due to its Pavement-like fuzz.

Destroyer | 3000 Flowers

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