Friday, June 09, 2006

Paul Searls | Two Vermonts

You'll never hear me complain about going to the World Cup. However, there are some things I'm disappointed to be missing in Montpelier while I'm in Germany.

One is Touch-A-Truck Day on Saturday because it's always fun to see my kids' eyes light up when they get to sit in the driver's seat of a big truck. Although the forecast for Saturday looks crappy for outdoor activities.

Another thing I'll miss is the first Mountaineers game of the season. I have a blast at these games and am looking forward to another season of hanging out with friends on beautiful summer nights watching some baseball.

However, the biggest thing I'm sad to be missing is Paul Searls speaking at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier on Tuesday, June 13th. Searls is a history professor at UVM and has recently written a book, Two Vermonts, about the history of the tension between the competing forces of rural & urban, modernity & preservation and tourism & development. Searls focuses on how the issues developed during the post-Civil War years. However, the amazing thing is that all of these issues still remain today in Vermont. So, to understand the current conflicts on these issues, it's always good to hear how they originated.

Plus, the other bonus of going to hear Searls speak is that you can pick his brain on indie music and soccer, as well. Before music blogs, there were "mailing lists" and back in the 90's, Searls and I were a part of the Pavement mailing list and met for a few beers before seeing the boys from Stockton at the Westbeth Theater in NYC during their Brighten the Corners tour. He's also acted as the faculty advisor to UVM's WRUV. Searls is a big soccer fan too. So, after the US kicks some Czech ass on Monday, you can ask Searls to diagram Eddie Johnson's goalazo.

By the way, on a Pavement note, it looks like Matador is going to release a Wowee Zowee deluxe set this fall. I'll buy it because I buy everything Pavement releases but if it's as well done as the deluxe re-issues of Slanted & Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, it'll be worth it even for casual fans. Having said that, I don't think Matador should go beyond Wowee Zowee with these re-issues. Wowee Zowee was the last great album Pavement put out and doing deluxe editions of the last two albums would cheapen the other deluxe sets and tread into the "raping the fans" territory.

Here's a pair of bonus tracks from the Japanese import version of Brighten the Corners.

Pavement | Wanna Mess You Around
Pavement | No Tan Lines


yankunian said...

Hey... thanks for the tip. The Two Vermonts talk sounds great. What's with this weather, though? It's like I never left England.

Flatlander said...

hey! yankunian is back in the green mountains. I love those tracks from the Long Blondes and Jim Noir. However, neither artist is available on emusic or itunes. But I was able to find some more tracks from both of them on The Hype Machine. Thanks.

You're welcome for the tip on Searls' talk. It should be pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

The other good thing about hearing Prof. Searls speak is that he is an awesome lecturer. When I took his classes at UVM, he had a cult following because of the quality and energy he brought to every class.