Thursday, March 23, 2006

US - Germany | Mar 22nd | UPDATE

Quick programming reminder. The US plays Germany in Dortmund on Wednesday. It'll be on ESPN2 at 2:30pm EST.

The match is just another warm-up match for the World Cup. However, any match involving a historic powerhouse like Germany is always a little more interesting.

Due to injuries, suspensions and club commitments, The US has sent a "B team" to Germany. So, don't expect any great results. Plus, after getting throttled by Italy 4-1 last month, the game means a lot more to Germany. In fact, Juergen Klinsmann's (the German coach) job may be on the line.

UPDATE: As expected, it wasn't pretty as the US went down 4-1 on Wednesday. It's tough to take much from a game like this because it was our B-team against Germany's A-team. It was more of a display of which US players are not ready for this level rather than who is capable. The US played Germany even for the first half but things fell apart in the second half as Germany knocked in three goals during a miserable six minute span. The best thing you can do with a match like this, as a fan, is not linger on it for too long. It didn't mean anything and the US had some bad outings in the months preceding the last World Cup too. I think they even lost a closed-door scrimage to the Division 2 Richmond Kickers back in 2002. So, don't read too much into this result.

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