Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Carny

If you are already a believer of the potentcy of Swedish pop, just stop reading here and go listen to the songs at the bottom of this post. You'll love these guys.

If you need some more info before you invest a few MBs of disk space and a minute of your time, here's the deal. The Carny is a nine piece outfit out of Halmstad, Sweden. Imagine Nick Cave fronting Belle & Sebastian and you have a good idea of the pop goodness that is The Carny.

Economic and political themes dominate a lot of their songs with them falling on the Billy Bragg side of the fence. They also seem to practice what they preach because they have made every song they've ever recorded available for free on their site. That's kind of crazy but maybe that social welfare net in Sweden is pretty damn good.

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Blog looks good Murph. I think it must have been CYHSY that was messing things up like you said.