Monday, March 27, 2006

Kyle the Rider

Underpants Records has posted the first track to Kyle the Rider's debut EP, Who Brung the Shits. It's a country-twinged mellow beauty called "The Last Day of August". Kyle the Rider is a one-man band like Smog or The Gunshy. So, recording a subtlely textured song like this takes a long time. Hopefully, we'll get the rest of the EP before we reach the next last day of August.

By the way, there is also a Bobby Domino song over on Underpants Records called "Boregard" which is also worth downloading. It has a sweet dreamy feel to it and when the drums and organ kick in around the 1:42 mark, you'll be gald you grabbed it.

These downloads are from myspace pages. Therefore, don't right-click. Just left-click and then save them to your disk.

Kyle the Rider | The Last Day of August
Bobby Domino | Boregard

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