Friday, March 31, 2006

Most Valuable Players

Who the heck writes a song using a continous loop of crowd cheers and bugle blasts? And the crowd cheers are just clipped rather than faded out. It sound like the origins of a song that would be a complete train wreck. However, it's yet another tasty pop dish from a bunch of Swedes.

These guys are called Most Valuable Players and are from Nacka, Sweden. Unfortunately for them, they share their name with some big wedding band from southern California which gets top billing when you google "Most Valuable Players".

The song is called "Stockholm Doesn't Belong To Me" and is off their debut album, You In Honey, which came out last month. It's a simple mellow little pop number with this goofy loop rolling in the background. It almost has a bit of Olivia Tremor Control to it.

Most Valuable Players | Stockholm Doesn't Belong To Me

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