Monday, March 24, 2008

X-Press 2 with Kurt Wagner

Want to know who deserves more than one sentence on his Wikipedia page? Kurt Wagner.

As the lead singer and songwriter for the Nashville country-soul ensemble Lambchop, the guy has put together a collection of songs that rival any contemporaries in quality and quantity (don't argue with me on this one; I'm very touchy when anyone questions Lambchop's supreme greatness). Additionally, he has a distinctive voice and vocal style where he's able to simultaneously sound like a country bubba and art school VU-lover.

Well, the DJs behind the British electronica group X-Press 2 seem to love Kurt Wagner also since they asked him to lend his vocals to their beat creation "Give It Up" on their 2007 album Makeshift Feelgood. I give them credit for seeing Wagner's voice as one that would work with dance music and I tip my hat to Wagner for pulling it off.

Now I want to hear an entire Lambchop dance album.

X-Press 2 (feat. Kurt Wagner) | Give It Up | Buy

X-Press 2 (feat. Kurt Wagner) | Give It Up (Full Club Version) | Buy

photo courtesy of personanongrata


Brent said...

Another Brit-DJ outfit, Morcheeba, did some work with him a few years ago, too.

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