Friday, March 14, 2008

Green Mountain Film Festival | Seven Days Away

The word on the street is that tickets for the Green Mountain Film Festival are going fast. I stopped by the office today to buy some tickets and learned that advance ticket sales are 100% ahead of where they were last year at this point. Here's the kicker...last year was a record year for ticket sales. So, the point is that if you plan on seeing any of the movies, I'd act sooner than later.

Also, the Mar 22 showing of I'm Not There is already almost sold out.

It's now too late for mail orders but starting Monday you order tickets over the phone. Additionally, tickets can be bought at the festival's office over the Savoy Theater on Main St. starting on Monday. All the ticket info is here.

Here's a few trailers for tonight.

Two Square Miles

* Saturday, March 22 4:30 pm
* Sunday, March 23 12:15 pm

Das Fräulein

* Saturday, March 22 4:45 pm
* Sunday, March 23 12:15 pm
* Wednesday, March 26 2:15 pm

Super Amigos

* Saturday, March 22 8:45 pm
* Wednesday, March 26 4:00 pm

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GMFF said...

Mail order sales were brisk, but the really busy time is next week when the Festival Ticket Office opens, starting at 12 noon on Monday, March 17.

Only one screening has sold out so far -- I"M NOT THERE on Saturday 22 -- but there two other showings later in the week.

Remember, if you don't want to wait on line, you can buy tickets by phone 802 262 3456.