Monday, March 24, 2008

Readability Level

I have no idea what criteria this Blog Readability Test uses to create its scores but I'm guessing it just looks for specific words and sees what level of reading those words correspond to. I doubt it considers the significance of such nuanced arguments such as "The World Fastest Drummers are lame". It's probably just a simple database thingy.

Regardless, here's a rundown of the level at which you need to be reading to understand various Vermont blogs (and "Vermont associated blogs") (check out the big brain on JB...genius!):


The Le Duo

College (Post Grad)

Burlington Music Journal

College (Undergrad)

Montpelier Matters
Spitting Out Teeth
Pages Within

High School

Brent's Notebook
Found Drama
Green Mountain Daily
Vermont Daily Briefing

Junior High School

A Cold Sweat
Bradley's Almanac
Kingdom for a Voice
Solid State
Stuck in VT
Terrapin Gardens
The Contrarian
Transistor Blast
What I Saw Today

Elementary School

Analog Giant
Angioplasty Media
Eat More Kale
The Oyster Guide


Anonymous said...

I think it only surveys the homepage as well so your rating can change depending on what's there. My football blog was rocking last week when I first saw that site at post graduate level and I just redid it and it came back as high school level. My personal blog came in at post grad.

j13 said...

wow. is it because i talk about free jazz a lot?


Tanner M. said...

OLOLO Fuckzddat you'z guys is gayzorz.!!111! You wait till after skkool i'm gunna kick your shit out of yourassess.

kingdomforavoice said...

I agree with my rating, not only is my writing at Jr. High level but so is my humor and maturity.

j13 said...

i find tanner m's comment shallow and pedantic.