Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Bright Eyes

The more I listen to Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake It's Morning the more I love it. The album has been creeping since I bought it in 2005. There isn't a better time for new material, now that it's 2007. An EP, Four Winds, was released two weeks ago (which is appropriately named, as it shares the name of the place where all the kids in my town went once their parents became scared of their substance abuse/emotional state). April 10th marks the full release, Cassadaga. The tracks have a pretty heavy handed dry atl-country feel, but driven by Connor's waivering stories. Of course it is peppered with plenty exceptions, including the rawkus I Must Belong Somewhere, which I've been digging since I first heard it a year or so ago.

Four Winds EP - Buy
Bright Eyes - Tourist Trap.mp3

Cassadaga LP - Pre-Order
Bright Eyes - Four Winds.mp3

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Nico said...

I met him in a dive bar in Birmingham on Christmas night last year. He married a girl from B'ham that's also a musician (Maria Taylor) and they were in town for the holidays and wound up doing a 'secret show' as Connor Oberst and the Taylor Family Band. Nice guy.