Monday, March 19, 2007

Dirty on Purpose | Vermont Connection

For the last nine months, I'm been grooving to Dirty on Purpose's Hallelujah Sirens without ever knowing about their connection to Vermont. It turns out that guitarist (and vocalist on "Kill Our City"), George Wilson, is from Chester, VT which is down in the southeastern corner of the state near Bellows Falls.

Apparently, they even played Burlington a few years ago before I knew about them. However, they had played in Chicago the night before and then drove straight through to Burlington. So, if the show was lackluster, you'd have to cut them some slack. Hopefully, they'll come back again.

If you haven't heard Hallelujah Sirens, it's difficult to fit into any one category. Their shoegazing guitars tend to be consistent throughout the album but they keep their sound fresh by feeding you side dishes of horns, keys and strings too. The best comparison would be to mid-90's Yo La Tengo. Perhaps that's why I'm such a fan. Plus, now I can claim them as a Vermont band.

Photo courtesy of MUDSUGAR

Here's their video for "No Radio". George is the trumpet-playing guitarist; an obvious sign of Yankee thrift.

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Anonymous said...

Dirty On Purpose is playing a free show in Chicago on August 16th!!