Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The National | Boxer

In 2005, my favorite album was The Go! Team's Thunder Lightning Strike. However, since 2005, I'd say my most often listened to album from that year would be The National's Alligator. In fact, it isn't even close. The album is beauty from start to finish.

That's why I'm excited to hear their new album, Boxer, due May 22nd. Well, Blogotheque has given us a taste of the new album. They recorded two casual performaces of songs from the new album, "Start a War" and "Ada", and posted them on their site. They also have a brief piece explaining the night that drove these recordings.

The videos fall into the category of "artsy for the sake looking cool because it's artsy" but I'm just happy to get a taste of the new tracks.

"Start a War"



kingdomforavoice said...

How strange, i was just over there checking out those videos. Looks like it could be a great album. Any opinion on the new Modest Mouse? I'm gonna be that guy and say i still think The Moon & Antarctica is their best work.

Nathan said...

Hey, I worked as assistant engineer on Boxer and I can say with full confidence that this album is going to be better than Alligator. It's going to blow a lot of people's minds. Each song is incredible.

Zenon said...

Boxer isn't as good as Alligator, but Alligator is a modern classic and one of the best albums of the decade and to say that Boxer isn't as good is like saying Cruyff wasn't as good as Pele; the difference is marginal. I especially love Fake Empire. Yes, i gave into temptation and downloaded it, but with an album this good, i'm going to go out and buy it anyway.