Saturday, February 24, 2007

Frost Heaves on NPR

If you missed it, NPR's weekly sports show, Only a Game, had a segment on the Frost Heaves this morning. You can listen to on the show's site.

Not much new info for regular fans of the team but it was nice to hear the players talk about how much they are enjoying playing in VT. The scariest part of the story was when they mentioned that owner Alexander Wolf has spent $400,000 this year running the club. I imagine a portion of that amount is one-time start-up costs (franchise fees, uniforms, mascot, etc.), However, if you figure they are averaging about 1,200 fans a game and the average ticket is $10, that's only about $192,000 in ticket sales for the year (plus playoffs). I sure hope the sponsorships are making up the difference.

By the way, the Frost Heaves were 25-5 going into Saturday night's game. Their last home game of the season will be next Thursday, Mar 1st in Burlington against Montreal. The playoffs start the week of March 12th.

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