Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Arcade Fire on NPR

No, we didn't get tix to the Montreal shows. No matter, as NPR's great live concert program All Songs Considered will broadcast the band's February 17 show from NYC's Judson Memorial Church. The tracks will probably be archived for download the following day, as has been the case with Cat Power, The Decemberists, Wilco, Jenny Lewis, Built to Spill, Regina Spektor, Sleater-Kinney, Jose Gonzalez, Fiery Furnaces, Sonic Youth, The Walkmen, Mogwai, Neko Case, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Belle and Sebastian, The New Pornographers Colin Meloy, Laura Veirs, James Brown, Sinead O'Connor, Iron and Wine, Calexico, Son Volt, Death Cab for Cutie, My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes, M. Ward, Sigur Ros, Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, Interpol, and Bright Eyes. Phew. They are SO jumping on the bandwagon.


jay said...

Great post! I never knew this archive existed.

That said, I just can't get into Arcade Fire. I've never heard them live (which is apparently the way you're really supposed to experience them), but their "Funeral" album just didn't blow me away the way it did everyone else.

jds said...

Funeral really did it for me. It's first spins took place while I painted our bathroom one cold fall day. I spent all weekend locked in that small room inhaling fumes and painting the walls "Santa Fe" with freezing hands while the album was on repeat. I painted from Friday night to Sunday evening and never took that cd out of the player. Each time I put on Funeral since I remember that place. For some reason it's a time I enjoy remembering. The whimsical stories, the buildups, the frustration, the hallucinations.

As for Neon Bible, I've got to say eh. It is quite the letdown. Which is to be anticipated, of course. I think there are many more exciting albums out there that capture the feeling of AF's first release, such as Foreign Born's debut On The Wing Now.

casey said...

Man, I really think AF is the most overrated band of the decade. Is this Time cover for real? I mean, it took U2 or the Police twice as many solid records to achieve this level of media saturation.

What's next, a CYHSY centerfold in The Economist?

How come mainstream media never paid attention to a band that actually mattered, like, say, Fugazi?


Flatlander said...

I like Neon Bible. It isn't Funeral but they'll probably never top Funeral. Funeral has this feeling that it bubbled up out of the band like an involuntary release of emotion. Neon Bible is more crafted but except for the last two songs, I like the album; particularly "Black Mirror", "Intervention", "Keep the Car Running" and "Antichrist television Blues".

Foreign Born??? Really??? I'll have to go back and listen to it again.

Flatlander said...

Keep in mind that TIME cover was only for the Canadian edition of the magazine. The article was about the entire indie scene in Canada but AF made the cover. I think they specifically asked to not be on the cover but got screwed.

casey said...

That Time. Always screwing people by putting them on the cover. I know I got screwed by their 2006 "Person of the Year." Never asked for that kind of recognition.

I think Murf hits it when he says, "has this feeling that it bubbled up out of the band like an involuntary release of emotion." Even though I don't get why the whole world thought Funeral was the album of the decade, I more or less like it. And those seem to be the reasons.

k said...

Funeral was good. Haven't gotten into Neon Bible all that much. They are a good band but all the pants wetting isnt justified. They aren't anything special. I feel like AF is like the Strokes...first record is great then it takes a slow slide from there...but hell what do i know.

casey said...

I'm gonna go way out on a crazy-ass limb here and say I like Neon Bible more than Funeral.

It has fewer rock tropes of the 2000's, namely nee-nee-nee guitars and 16th note hi-hat/four-on-the-floor indie-dance beats. (That's a lot of hyphens!)

I'm just burned out on that shit. Not everything has to burst from the spiky birth canal of post-punk to be valid rock 'n' roll.

I'm paying more attention to the lyrics this time around, and I'm really relating. It's the sound of resigned claustrophobia. Could this be the band's coming to grips with sudden success?

I agree it doesn't pack the immediate wallop of Funeral. But it proves they aren't just a one-album wonder. I'm betting they've even got a few more in 'em.

Anonymous said...

Close your eyes. Imagine your'e in church (or insert your favorite house of worship here). Now listen.

Anonymous said...

Arcade Fire is terrific live. I've got tix for the Chicago shows.

Following up Funeral is a tough order. I'll cut them some slack where Neon Bible is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Arcade Fire has an emotional depth that some people just can't understand because they didn't know it existed. They hold a subtle brilliance that never fails to amaze me to near tears. They are amazingly perceptive and hold firm much, in fact, that they can translate it into beautiful music. They are some of the most wonderful musicians and deserve as much publicity and credit that they receive, if not more...because they aren't just musicians, they're story tellers and they know just how to share their knowledge, perceptions, opinions, and emotions in such a way that is simply amazing. I'm sorry but I think Arcade Fire isn't one of those bands you listen to while jogging, fixing your car, or even doing homework...if you use their music as such it WILL disappoint using an origional Monet to decorate your bathroom...just not appropriate. Please take time to savour these guys. Listen to it fully.