Thursday, July 24, 2008

Portugal. The Man

Holy cumbersome band name Batman. A place, period, a definite article AND "Man." Welcome to Portugal. The Man. I guess when you hail from Alaska (Wasilla to be exact) an unwieldily name is par for the course. A 4 piece folk-blues-americana-experimental-rock outfit, the group is on the verge of releasing their 3rd LP (entitled Censored Colours due 9.16.08).

Below is a stripped down slow going video highlighting a track off the new disc. 



Does that mean I can give my band a confusing name if I move to Alaska? Here are some possibilities:

- Detroit?Detroit
- yourself**!
- TheMuSic
- peepole&&
- !!!

Anonymous said...

yes, fellow alaskans who don't suck.
All we really have for famous music is Jewel and Tom Bodet.