Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Looking Arcade Fire Fan

I generally don't think of Arcade Fire fans as being the model-types; more untucked than primping. However, AF fan, Andrew Savage, is setting the bar a bit higher for the rest of us after being named in the recent release of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill by

Savage, the Communication Director for Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) and native of East Montpelier, was the person responsible for Welch using AF's "Rebellion" as the intro to his victory speech on election night in 2006. It was a pretty ballsy choice considering (1) that most campaigns play it safe by selecting tired classic rock tunes and (2) the full title of the song is "Rebellion (Lies)" which some right-wing blogger could have jumped on.

By the way, regarding the list of the most beautiful people on the hill, the blog DCeiver has a hilarious post up mocking it (including calling Savage "the white Barack Obama"). Well worth the click.

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Brian said...

actually a native of Maple Corner in Calais. And he's a formidable athlete- nordic skier at Middlebury. He's got the whole thing going on, ladies.

Casey said...

There are more than a few AF numbers that sound like tired classic rock tunes. Today's faux-earnest indie is tomorrow's Dad-Rock. Besides, don't they fetishize Springsteen?

Casey said...

Of idolize, at least. They fetishize his sweaty headband.

Flatlander said...

Yes. The ending of "Wake Up" sounds like a Bowie number and "Keep the Car Running" = Springsteen while "Antichrist Television Blues" is straight-up John Caffery & the Beaver Brown Band.

However, you know what I'm talking about...campaigns typically choose well-known classic rock songs that have been played to death simply because they are familiar to everyone and the average person watching a victory speech doesn't want to be challenge with hearing something new. They just want to sit back and say, "Hey Honey, check it out. This guy likes Tom Petty too!"