Friday, June 13, 2008

No Age | Coming to Montreal

Here comes the bandwagon! Time to jump on!

OK. The blogosphere is in love with No Age's new album, Nouns, and I admit that I'm right there with the masses. It's one of those rare pieces that is as loud as it is beautiful. Envision a more accessible version of My Bloody Valentine shoegaze and you get a sense of the LA-based duo.

Since I'm usually slow on the uptake of the latest and greatest trends, I often find myself slapping my giant forehead when I realize that a band played in the area six months before I got into them. Thankfully though, No Age is still a month away from hitting Montreal. On July 15, they fill La Sala Rossa with lots of fuzz and melodies. Tickets are available via Blue Skies Turn Black. Yeh, it sucks that the show is on a Tuesday night but for this album, it's worth it.

No Age | Sleep Hold | Buy

No Age | Teen Creeps | Buy

photo courtesy of Diana.Wong

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Jeff said...

Hey FL...Not sure if I mentioned this to you during recent meetings, but I saw no age open for liars several months ago in boston. Great show! Let me know if you're going up to montreal to see them...I might be interested in going.