Monday, June 23, 2008

The Age Project

Looking to kill some time on the internet? Enjoy playing the role of carnival huckster and guessing people's ages? Well, if so, this site is for you.

The Age Project allows people to upload their picture and the people guess how old you are. After someone guesses, it tells them what the person's true age (or reported age from the person uploading the photo; not necessarily the same knowing how people lie about these things) and the average guessed age. It's kind of interesting to see how close you can get.

Speaking of aging, this is a cool site that shows headshots of each person in a family every year from 1976 until today. It's funny to watch the mother's hairstyle change every year until about 1995 and the she just seems to stop caring about it. The father is amazingly consistent with his beard. He's been rocking it since the beginning.

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