Friday, December 05, 2008

Chris Brokaw | Will Johnson | Kris Gruen | Coming to Montpelier | Dec 12

It's not often that Montpelier gets a cool show in town. So, this Friday's show at The Lamb Abbey is a bit of a treat.

Chris Brokaw, Will Johnson and Kris Gruen will all be performing sets starting around 8:30. For those unfamiliar with the trio, here's a rundown of the artists.

Chris Brokaw is the former frontman for both Come and Codeine back in the 1990's. He now plays in The New Year, has a solo career and recently played with Thurston Moore at this falls' All Tomorrow's Party festival in NY. Expect a mix of tunes from different parts of his career.

Will Johnson is the frontman for both Centro-matic and South San Gabriel which are two Texas-based bands consisting largely of the same members but possessing different sounds. South San Gabriel tends to be quieter and mellower. Both bands are good stuff though and I'm hoping for a mix of both.

Montpelier's own Kris Gruen will be kicking off the evening. He's been performing some new material recently which you can find on his myspace page. Beautiful stuff which sounded real nice when I heard him open at Higher Ground over the summer for The Avett Brothers.

The show is at The Lamb Abbey which is a bit of a word-of-mouth underground music club in Montpelier. If you need directions, email me at The show will start around 8:30. The artists will appreciate donations at the door. Oh, and it's B.Y.O.B. Enjoy your own choice of brew.

Chris Brokaw | I Remember (Suicide Cover) | Buy

Chris Brokaw | Move | Buy

Centro-matic | Covered Up in Mines | Buy

South San Gabriel | Evangeline | Buy


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, Paul in Danville here. Aren't you doing the year-end polls again this year?

Ed said...

"It's not often that Montpelier gets a cool show in town."

Whoaaa - no love for Langdon Street Cafe, who's been booking acts that get their PASTE write up usually a few months after we have them in?

How about:
The Low Anthem
The Blue Hit
The Toughcats
Rusty Belle
Midwest Dillema
The Speedbumps

and these are just indie acts - doesn't even touch on all the great Americana, bluegrass, and other genres that have excellent bands playing on a weekly basis at LSC.

Why the love for Tick Tick w/ none for Montpeliers' premier music venue?

Flatlander said...

Hey Ed,

Nothing against LSC (although I still don't understand LSC's decision to not let us do the record club there) or the work you do. I know you put a huge effort into the Montpelier music scene. I wish there were more people like you in the area.

And I have posted about LSC shows in the past including the Midwest Dilema show you mentioned. However, my musical tastes are more aligned with Tick Tick's offerings than LSC's. I'm not a big folk and bluegrass fan. It's just a different taste. I always have a good time at LSC and love the artist community surrounding the place. However, my taste in music is just a bit different; no big deal.

Having said all of that, the sentence you pulled from the post ("It's not often that Montpelier gets a cool show in town.") was a bit much and lazily written. I should have said something along the lines of "It's rare that folks who's songs exist in my iTunes library come to Montpelier".