Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hard Rock Hotel

While I was in Chicago for work recently, I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. While it's a nice hotel and well located with beautiful views, I find all the memorabilia to be silly.

I was located on the Kiss floor which meant that whenever I passed through the elevator waiting area on my floor, I was met by a smiling Gene Simmons and the bands' guitars.

The silliest though and ultimate disrespectful move was in the bathroom of my room. Come on! Doesn't Roger Daltry deserve a more dignified location than right above my toilet?

However, like I said, the views from my room were sweet; right down to the river.


kingdomforavoice said...

That's funny. My question is how mainstream do you have to be to get memorabilia in there?

daneln0 said...

I actually love the hotel. I see it is trying to differentiate itself from the others and as long as the price was reasonable, the service was good, the room was clean and the bed comfortable, who really cares?

Flatlander said...


You have to be pretty mainstream. I only saw classic rockers (Led Zep, Styx, etc.) and 80's pop (Eurhythmics (sp?), etc.). Perhaps they had Will Oldham's beard trimmer tucked away under glass somewhere but I didn't see it.


I agree. It's a nice hotel. However, I find the memorabilia to have the same effect as the Rock and Roll Hall of institutionalizes an art form that is meant to be subversive and rebellious. So, I'd stay there again simply because it was well-run and in a good spot. However, I'm not going back to look at Tina Turner's boots.