Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How Mainstream Are You? | Last.FM

The Contrarian has a post up right now with a link to an entertaining little site that judges how "mainstream" your musical tastes are. The only rule for playing along is that you have to have an account on Last.FM. Basically, the site looks at what you are listening to and compares it to the rest of the population on Last.FM. Therefore, their definition of "mainstream" is actually just limited to the knuckleheads that took the time to sign up for Last.FM; which is far from the average person walking down the street. Having given that disclaimer, let the fun begin.

That's the profile above for my account on Last.FM. I seem to fall into the most common band which is about 20% "mainstreamness". Of my top 30 bands, my most mainstream band is Beck with 520,725 fellow listeners while my least mainstream band is Possumhaw with ZERO fellow listeners. What the hell? Nobody else in this whole big world is even interested in listening to a single track from Burlington's bluegrass quartet, Possumhaw?

Let's run down some other bloggers:

analog giant | 2.72% mainstreamness | Most: Aphex Twin | Least: King Tubby

Gorilla vs Bear | 5.53% mainstreamness | Most: Sigur Rós | Least: Bear Children

The Contrarian | 12.11% mainstreamness | Most: Pearl Jam | Least: Van der Graaf Generator

Largehearted Boy | 13.40% mainstreamness | Most: The Decemberists | Least: The Pillbugs

Eccentric Southern Gentleman | 15.36% mainstreamness | Most: Arctic Monkeys | Least: Broken Letters

Bradley's Almanac | 25.19% mainstreamness | Most: Radiohead | Least: Silkworm

Clicky Clicky Music | 26.59% mainstreamness | Most: Pink Floyd | Least: The Get Quick

Donewaiting | 28.95% mainstreamness | Most: Death Cab for Cutie | Least: The Evil Queens

extrawack! | 43.20% mainstreamness | Most: The Beatles | Least: Polyrock


robert duffy said...

i am a sell out!

jbreitling said...

I am 2% less of a sell out than Rob!!!11

Cool post. I bet if I could parse out my recent re-newed love affair with Pink Floyd's Meddle, my uncool count would go down a little. Everybody knows pre-Meddle is where its at.

kelsey said...
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k. said...

haha! dub reggae! 2.72% mainstream. such a rebel. cool find murph.

casey said...

Pearl Jam? How is that possible? I don't even like them!

Bob F. said...

Holy moly.

I very seldom ever use iTunes on the computer I signed up for LastFM on...it's mostly my wife and son's activity there. I've never listened to the Beatles by choice, EVER.

At least she raised the hipster points with her Har Mar Superstar spins...

Looks like it's time to cancel my account there lest my cred card get revoked.

Nice post, Murf.

Tanner M. said...

Silkworm, awesome.

I come in at a steady 22.37% (repeating) with my big #1 being Ehem, Belle and Sebastian, and my least being Bill Fay. fun stuff!

Flatlander said...

Casey, did you have to listen to a Pearl Jam album to review it at some point? Perhaps that's how it crept up into your top 30.

Bob, I was wondering how The Beatles got into your top 30. I had never heard you even mention them.

By the way, one other odd thing is that the "mainstreamness" of both the Vermont group and Bigsoccer group on Last.FM have the identical score of 52.52%. I never thought Vermonters and soccer fans were so mainstream.

Lastly, you can also check your "mainstreamness" over the last week. For me, it drops down to 9.52% mainly because Tokyo Sex Destruction was my top band over the last week and only has a 0.29% "mainstreamness". That largely offset my Wilco and Neil Young spins.

Flatlander said...

Tanner, you're right. Silkworm. Fuck yeah. I can't believe they were so far down the "mainstreamness" scale.

NDfrom NJ said...

How does a mainstream music gauge fail to mention a single rap group. My results confirmed that I have the musical taste of a not overly bright 14 year old girl.

mer said...

Yeah, honestly, it seems odd that Belle and Sebastian (52%) are considered that much more mainstream than Sondheim (0.02%). And, although I am still highly embarassed that that one week when I listened to the Dane Cook albums a couple times makes him my most listened to artist, how is he less mainstream than Stars, The Magnetic Fields, or Rilo Kiley?!